How to Work at Texas Tech University?

Texas Tech University is among the top options to continue your graduate program. If you are hoping to apply, you will have a great time. The University offers a great student program and employment opportunities on campus.

Thus, you can make ends meet while continuing your studies. Irrespective of nationality, the University offers programs suitable for all. If you are wondering how to work at Texas Tech University, the guide here will help.

On-Campus Employment

The employment opportunity for the students here will be as research assistants, teaching assistants, library student workers, and more. Herein, the student will perform the job at the location of the campus. It will be for commercial firms aiming to provide students with direct services.

For example, there can be a bookstore branch in the University where the students can apply for the job. There is also employment at off-campus locations that are educationally affiliated with TTU.

It must be a part of the academic department that is contractually funded projects for the post-graduate level. Also, it must be an essential part of the educational program.

ISSS interprets the data stating that employees must be a part of the established curriculum. This specific definition of on-campus employment is rarely applied. Given the size of TTU, it has connections with national and local organizations.

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Thus, it makes a channel to determine if this definition will apply to on-campus employment. In case of difficulty, you can consult ISSS for guidance.

The information mentioned here will help you know how to work at Texas Tech University.

Type of Work

Time Limits

  • Part-time

Twenty hours per week or less during semesters

  • Full-time

20 hours or above per week between semesters

  • Full-time

20 hours or more per week during the annual vacation

Part-Time Working at TTU

The applicants with F1 Visa and I-20 from the University are eligible to work on campus. But they must have enrolled in a full-time program. TTU I-20 is up identity proof to work at the University.

The on-campus employment opportunity will include the job as a university bookstore worker, library student worker, and others. 

To find a job on campus, you must set up an account at the TTU career center’s position portal. It provides information about both on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities. The jobs are also promoted through flyers all around the campus.

The student can work full-time on campus between the semesters and during the annual vacation. But the TTU campus rules do not apply to the students or allow them to work more than 20 hours a week at any time of the year.

On-Campus Employment Eligibility End

• You will no longer be eligible to work at the University once you have graduated. It expires on the last day of your final semester. It is acceptable even when your I-20 end date is in the future.

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• If you transfer to another University, your work authorization will expire on the day of the SEVIS record release date.

• Finally, you know longer will be eligible to work at the University if you violet your F1 status


If you hope to apply for the assistantship, you must connect with the graduate advisors or the academic department. There are different assistantships like research graduate, teaching, and part-time instructors. All the graduate students appointed will work under a supervisor.

Work Study

Are you wondering how to work at Texas Tech University? Well, some of the campus jobs are designed as work-study positions. This job position is available for students who qualify for the work-study awards. They are a special part of the federal financial aid packages. They can be available to US citizens or permanent residents.


Is it easy to get a job at TTU?

You can easily find a job at TTU through all the flyers posted across the University. Or you can even register on the online portal to get information about on-campus and off-campus employment.

As an international student, can I work at TTU?

You can work on campus only when you have got F1 visa. Also, you must take care of the eligibility criteria and not violate any rules.

Can my employment be canceled?

You can lose your job if you violate any of the rules of being an F-1 student. So, you must follow all the rules and regulations and stay up-to-date with all the information.


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TTU offers a great study program. Besides, it also allows the students to continue working while studying. The details must have provided insights into how to work at Texas Tech University.

You can start with the search process and find a job that is the best fit for you.

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