Raiderlink TTU is an online portal for the current students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech University. Raiderlink is primarily used for registering classes during Red Raider Orientation, viewing and accepting financial aid and scholarships, paying your tuition, view transcripts and transfer credits, and more!

raiderlink ttu

Raiderlink is an essential part of TTU students during their college experience. If you are a part of Texas Tech University and want to learn about what Raiderlink is all about and how you can use the portal, this article is for you.

The following sections include a brief overview of eRaider, the Raiderlink login process, and registering process for new students and former students.

Here you will also find the step-by-step method for changing the Raiderlink TTU password and retrieving the forgotten username.

What is Raiderlink TTU?

Raiderlink TTU is an online portal that connects Texas Tech students to Registrar resources such as class registration and grading, TechMail, announcements, your leave status, Transportation & Parking Services, and much more.

As a TTU student, the Raiderlink portal is your go-to website for all your on-campus and off-campus requirements. 

Using Raiderlink, you can access different University services such as local weather forecasts, financial services, grade results, TechMail, campus calendar, search engines, and more.

Having access to the Raiderlink portal, students can stay on top of their roles at Texas Tech University and fulfill distinct online activities that too effortlessly. 

Whether you are a current TTU student or a former, below you will find out how you can access your Raiderlink TTU account.  

What is eRaider?

Many newcomers get confused with Raiderlink and eRaider. Or worse, they use them interchangeably as they are similar-sounding words. 

The truth is your eRaider account is your TTU electronic identification. It is a single username and password that you will be required to access various TTU resources. 

Your eRaider account helps students access the following:

  • Email
  • Campus WiFi
  • Raiderlink
  • Class registration and information
  • Download free software and more

The official link for the eRaider portal is Using this website, you can manage your username, password, and password recovery information. If you have not yet received your eRaider username, you need to contact university officials. 

NOTE: eRaider username is usually given by the university to the students upon admission, along with an activation code. One should never share their eRaider username or password with anyone. Even TTU has a policy that states – No University Official or University sanctioned service provider has the right to ask for students’ eRaider user credentials. 

What is TTU?

TTU is the abbreviation for Texas Tech University, popularly known as Texas Tech. Established on February 10, 1923, TTU is a University of public research situated in Texas, US. TTU Raiderlink is their official portal.  

Raiderlink TTU Login at Portal.TexasTech.Edu

Logging in to Raiderlink TTU is pretty easy, even if you are someone who labels yourself as “non-tech-savvy.” 

Before we get into the actual process, let’s talk about the prerequisites. To access your account at TTU Raiderlink, you will need your  ttu\eRaider username or ttuhsc\eRaider username or your email address and password.

Not to mention, you will also require a PC or a smartphone with an active internet connection. 

  • The first step is to launch Google Chrome on your device (Safari if you are an iOS user)
  • Go to the address bar and type or click here
Raiderlink TTU login portal
Raiderlink TTU Login Portal
  • You will be redirected to the official Raiderlink TTU portal. Next, type in your ttu\eRaider username or ttuhsc\eRaider username or your email address and password. 
  • Hit the Sign in button, and in a matter of seconds, you will be directed to your Raiderlink homepage. 

How to Register Your Texas Tech Raiderlink Account?

If you are having trouble accessing your TTU Raiderlink account, here is how you do it without hitting a snag. The registration process varies based on who you are – a new student, a former student, or a current student. Depending on that, head over to the respective section and follow the steps as instructed. 

Raiderlink TTU Account Registration

For students who are new to Texas Tech

During your admission process or after, you will receive an email from TTU Graduate School Admissions or containing an activation code and a method to set up/activate your Raiderlink account. Do not forget to check your SPAM and JUNK Folder.

Once your account is activated – which usually takes 30 minutes or sometimes overnight – you need to log into your Raiderlink account. 

Upon successfully logging in, navigate to the “Application” tab at the top of the screen and look for “Letter of Admission,” a printable PDF file. 

Download the Acceptance letter and open it. In the file, you will find a link that says, “Now what?” Upon loading up this link, you will get to know about the further instructions that you need to take next to proceed further. 

NOTE: If you do not receive an email from within 5-7 business days, you should take the matter into your own hands and send an email to This email must contain your full name, date of birth, the program you have applied for, and a request to send another activation code. Your personal info, such as your name and DOB, should be the same as your application.  

For former TTU students whose Raiderlink account is inactive

If you are a former Texas Tech student, you will be required to reach out to the IT help center of the campus at 742-HELP (742-4357) and request the reactivation of your Raiderlink account. 

NOTE: You will be put through a series of questions to verify your identity. Do not worry; it’s just to ensure you aren’t an impersonator with ugly intentions. So take it easy!

Once your account is reactivated (usually happens after 30 minutes), you need to log in and click on the “Application” tab and locate “Letter of Admission,” a printable PDF file. 

Open the file and look for the “What now?” link. Click on it to find out your next steps. 

For current TTU students

For the current Texas Tech students, it’s the easiest!

Firstly, navigate to and enter your Raiderlink username and password and click on the Sign in button. Next, go to the “Application” tab and look for “Letter of Admission.” It will enable you to register for classes for respective semesters. 

How to Reset Password for TTU Raiderlink?

If you don’t remember your Raiderlink password and want to reset it, here is how to do it the fastest way:

  • Load in your web browser, go to the address bar and type
  • Next, on the official Raiderlink TTU webpage, click on the “Change Password” button. 
Raiderlink TTU Reset Password
Raiderlink TTU Change Password
  • You will be asked to provide your ttu\eRaider username or ttuhsc\eRaider username or your email address.
  • In the password field, type the last remembered password and then hit the Sign in button to proceed further. 
  • Next, you will have to verify your identity before the system allows you to change the password for the Raiderlink account. 
  • You may receive a one-time passcode on your registered email address or have to answer some security questions. 
  • Simply follow the onscreen instructions, and you will be able to reset your password. 

Once you have created a new password for your TTU Raiderlink account, make sure to write it down somewhere for future reference. So anytime you can’t recall your password, you can look for it. 

How to Retrieve the Username for Raiderlink TTU?

So you don’t remember your Raiderlink account username? Follow the steps given below to get it back:

  • Go to and click on “Forget Username?”
  • You will be taken to the “eRaider Find Username” page. 
Raiderlink TTU Retrieve Username
  • Type your “Legal First Name,” “Legal Last Name,” and “Date of Birth,” and click Continue.  
  • Next, follow the onscreen instructions, and the username will be sent to you by an official email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes using Raiderlink?

First, go to Raiderlink Official. Navigate to the “TTU MyTech” tab, and under “Manage My Enrollment,” click “Registration.”

How to check for holds in Raiderlink?

Login to Raiderlink, click on the “My Tech” tab, select “Registration,” and then “Registration Status.” Next, select the appropriate term, and you will see several checkmarks. If there are holds, click on “View Holds” at the bottom of the page. For more information, click here

Can anybody use Texas Tech Information resources?

No, TTU Raiderlink should only be accessed by Texas Tech students and staff. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, and any misuse of the resources may lead to criminal prosecution. 

Final Words

Well, that is it for this detailed guide on TTU Raiderlink. We hope it was worth your time; the information presented above brought you more clarity on the Raiderlink portal and services. 

If you have any relevant query, you want to ask us, feel free to comment down below. We will be happy to be of any help to you. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if they are in need of it. 

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