How to Get Admission to Texas Tech University?

Texas Tech University is one of the most renowned educational institutions. It has been providing programs for students from all across the world.

Currently, it offers about 100 graduate degrees, 150 undergraduates, 60 doctorates, and 60 graduate certificate programs. But the unique study experience and teachings here have made it the best.

This is why the student starts searching for ‘how to get admission to Texas Tech University.’ It helps them prepare well for the admission process.

If you are hoping to get the information, then the guide here is to help you.

Eligibility Criteria for TTU Admission

When you are hoping to apply to Texas Tech University, you must know the eligibility criteria. Whether you are a national or an international student, there are certain criteria that you have to fulfill. The eligibility criteria for international students include the following.

  • The English proficiency exam score of ACTS and IELTS. It is essential for graduate and undergraduate students when English is not their first language.
  • For the business administration college, you need official GMAT and GRE scores. But applicants with work experience for more than two years can stay safe from GMAT scores. After that, the testing agency is responsible for sending the score to the University. It will remain valid for two years.

The eligibility criteria for different courses at University differ. For instance, the eligibility for the business school and undergraduate programs will differ. So it would be beneficial that you enquire about the same.

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Admission Process for Undergraduate Program

If you wish to know how to get admission to Texas Tech University, then the details here will be helpful for you.

Note: Raiderlink TTU Portal is used by the students of Texas Tech University

There are different deadlines for the programs. Thus, you must visit the official website of the University to get the details. You can start the application process through the common app portal.

• The Application

You will have to open the common app and start with the application process for admission. Now you will have to select Texas Tech University and choose the major or the program you want to enroll in.

• Application fees

All the students applying at TTU will pay application fees online. But, if you have already paid it through the common app, you need not have to pay it again.

• Official transcript

You need to submit the transcript using Raiderlink. You can upload it or ask your high school to send the transcript to Texas Tech University.

  • For official ACT and SAT scores, you will have to ask your high school to send the official score.

How to Apply for the Graduate Program?

  • If you are applying for the first time, you will have to create an account. It is to start with the application process. You can even choose to log in to the application portal.
  • Make sure to fill out the graduate school application and upload your cover letter, resume, personal statement, or any sample of the academic work.
  • You will now have to provide the email address of the recommenders. The recommended should be the one who will test your set of skills. The University will ask the same to provide a letter of recommendation into the system.
  • You must upload your TOEFL or GRE scores and the official university transcript.
  • Lastly, you have to upload all the certifications and supporting documentation.
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When wondering how to get admission to Texas Tech University, pay attention to deadlines first. There are three options available to the University. The session begins in Fall, summer, and spring. So you have to follow the application process and start with the process as soon as possible.

Besides, you must provide an initial application fee of $60. Also, there will be a subsequent application fee of $50. But in the case of the graduation application, the cost will go up to $75. Additionally, there is a requirement to pay $25 for each of the reentry programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it tough to get admission to TTU?

It is easy to get admission to Texas Tech University. You just have to fulfill all the eligibility criteria and provide supporting documentation.

Can I apply for any undergraduate program?

You will have the option of choosing between 150 undergraduate programs. You can choose the one you find the best fit for yourself.

What to do when facing difficulty with the application process?

If you cannot complete the application process due to some issue, then connecting with the customer support team or the campus will be helpful for you to get the required help.


Texas Tech University is one of the most renowned institutions. Now that you know how to get admission to Texas Tech University, you can continue with the process. You can try out your luck to find out if you can study at one of the top tuition and have a better chance of success in the future.

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