Texas Tech Raiderlink Not Working – What to Do?

Raiderlink is the online campus space for Texas Tech University students. It helps the students get essential resources like campus announcements, links to the university services, class registration, local weather forecast, financial service, grade result, and a lot more.

The resources are beneficial for fulfilling different online activities. But there have been specific issues stating TTU Raiderlink is not working. In case of a concern, the guide here will help you.

How to Activate eRaider?

You can access the online portal with successful registration at Texas Tech University. It will help keep you updated with essential information about the University. But for this, you have to activate your eRaider. For this, make sure you follow the given steps.

  • You will have to search and find the official page of Texas Tech University. Now, click on the option activate account.
  • You must provide certain information on the page, like the date of birth, username, and activation code.
  • You must see the terms of use and then click on the “I Agree” option. Next, you must decide on the password and click on the option to continue.
  • If there is an account activity alert or a need for a password reset, you must enter an alternate email address or phone number. Ensure you provide an activated one so it can be used in case of difficulty.
  • You must select your primary email address and click on the continue button.
  • Finally, you have to check all the information you have filled in and see if it is all correct. Once done, select the Activate option.
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You will see that account will successfully be created within 30 minutes. With this, you can easily access the Raiderlink TTU services.

Why is the Raiderlink not Working?

When facing difficulty logging into the account, there is a possibility of a network issue. Generally, this happens when you are not connected to a strong internet connection or if there is a problem with the portal.

It would be beneficial that you start by checking the internet connectivity. Make sure you have strong internet access that will allow easy access and control over your student ID for Texas Tech University. But still, if you see Texas texting not working, there can be some outage problems.

It will be not just for you but for everyone else. It can be a general technical problem. You can try to refresh or consider accessing it after a few minutes. There is a possibility that the problem will go away on its own.

Besides, in some cases, students also fail to mention the username and password correctly, which prevents them from getting access to their portal. So, you must pay attention to the credentials you are entering on the page.

You will have to double-check to see that the username and the password you have provided on the page are correct and you have chosen the right portal.

Once you know the reason behind the concern, it will be easy for you to get access back. However, in case you have tried out everything but still are unable to log in, then there is a possibility that your account is locked.

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In such a situation, you will have to wait for about 15 minutes and then try to get back access to your account.

TTU Customer support

You can connect with customer support when your Texas Tech Raiderlink is not working despite trying all the remedies. It will help us understand the issue and the solution to the same.

Email- ithelpcentral@ttu.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need eRaider?

The Raiderlink is meant with the purpose to help the students get access to all the essential information about the University. So whether you need access to the financial service, schedule, or upcoming programs, you can get all the information through your student portal.

Can anyone have an eRaider account?

All students of Texas Tech University will have a student portal to make it easy for them to access all the information. The portal will be available whether you are a passed-out student or a current one.

What to do when the link is not working?

When you see Raiderlink is not working, the problem can be due to internet connectivity, or the site might be down. But, again, you can wait for some time or get in touch with customer support to understand things better.


Texas Tech University has developed an online portal that helps students get essential information about the University. It will make things easy for the students. But sometimes, you will notice Texas Tech Raiderlink is not working.

Instead of getting worried about the same, you must stay patient and wait for some time. The problem will resolve on its own. If not, there are options to connect with customer support to get the access back.

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